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Buy back currency in store


We provide the Best Currency Buy Back rates in London for your left-over Euros, Dollars, Thai Bhat, Mexican Pesos, Moroccan Dirhams, Sri Lankan Rupees, Icelandic Krona, Australian Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Denmark Krone, Colombian Pesos, South African Rand, Indian Rupees, etc.  at unbeatable exchange rates. Whether you work abroad or have currency left over from a trip or holiday, we will pay you up to 8%* more than your bank and up to a massive 10%* more than your local post office. This could be done by walking to our office.

Please ensure you bring a valid passport or driving licence for a buy back transaction exceeding £ 2000.00. For some transaction, the following will be required,

* Proof of address dated within the last three months
* Source of funds
* Reason for transaction

Currency Rate
Currency Amount
Sterling Equivalent

Our buy back rates do not apply to LARGE denomination notes such as UAE 1000, Czech Republic 2000, Czech Republic 5000, Singapore 1000, Swiss 1000, Swedish 1000, Norway 1000 and Danish 1000. Different rates will apply for those denominations. Please call us for more information.

Please note that we do not buy Euro 500 and 200 notes.

Why Choose Us?
  • Best Exchange Rate
  • 0% Commission on Currency Exchange
  • Over 70 currencies same day availability
  • No hidden fee or commission charges on buy back currency
  • Simple and Quick service
  • Open  6 days a week